Coronavirus Policies and Procedures.

In light of the Covid-19 developments, Rochester Clinical Research has instituted a few updated policies and procedures for our patients. RCR believes it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize two things: the health and well-being of our patients and playing a constructive role in supporting local health officials and the CDC as they work to contain the virus. Please review below on RCR’s new policy.  We are having business as usual. Please keep your appointments and only reschedule if you are experiencing any symptoms. Thank you for your dedication to advancing medicine and changing lives. 

Click here to read our Re-Opening Patient Access policy.

Medical History Form

Save time at your next appointment! Fill out your Medical History Form at home. The form can be electronically filled out. Either print out the completed form and bring it in for your next appointment, or email the form to ibyhagrre@epepyvavpny.pbz 24 hours prior to your appointment.