The flu virtually disappeared for two years as the pandemic raged. But influenza appears poised to stage a comeback this year in the United States, according to public health officials. The flu season has started early, and may be severe based on data the CDC reports weekly. 

The number of flu cases are already on the rise in the Southern Hemisphere, including in Australia. Typically, this is a reliable forecast for flu season in the Northern Hemisphere.  

As COVID restrictions are easing up with no mask mandate, and limited social distancing, health officials are worried that we will have a double threat to our immune system with new strains of both viruses. Health officials urge the public to become vaccinated to protect themselves and their community against flu and COVID. As always the older population is at risk the most, along with the younger population. Health officials are worried because infants haven’t really been exposed to the flu and haven’t been able to build up their immunity against the viruses. 

The best way to prevent both Flu and COVID is through vaccination. The current vaccine that is given out is supposed to protect against this strain that they believe will be the most present this season. Health officials say that the vaccine is doing a good job at protecting against the circulating strain and that it is important to get your flu shot early this year. 

Rochester Clinical Research is currently enrolling adults in several different influenza investigational vaccine studies. Clinical trials for both viruses allow researchers to identify which vaccines work best against current and future strains. If you are interested in joining a flu vaccine or COVID booster vaccine clinical research study please call or visit our current studies page on our website. Compensation is available for your participation and dedication to help advance medicine, for those who qualify.

Flu Vaccine Study 18+ (Compensation around $630)

mRNA Flu Vaccine Study 50+ (Compensation around $834)

Flu & Pneumococcal Vaccine Study 50+ (Compensation around $250)