Rochester, NY – Rochester Clinical Research (RCR), an Atlas Clinical Research Site, is excited to announce the expansion of its clinical research network with a new site set to open in Buffalo, NY. The new site, RCR Buffalo, is set to commence operations in April of this year, marking a significant milestone in RCR’s mission to advance medical research and patient care. 

“We are proud to bring RCR’s 30 year legacy of innovation and trusted clinical trials to Buffalo,” said Kelley Powers, Head of Site at RCR. “We are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive space where every Buffalo community member has access to novel health opportunities and advancements. Our method is cooperative, aiming to collaborate closely with local healthcare professionals and community organizations. Through emphasizing diversity in our research and partnerships, our goal is to mirror the dynamic diversity of Buffalo, guaranteeing that our efforts enrich the entire community.”

About RCR Buffalo

With the aim to extend its reach and impact, RCR Buffalo will leverage the extensive experience and expertise that RCR has cultivated in over 30 years of conducting comprehensive clinical studies. The new Buffalo site will focus on internal medicine, CNS, infectious diseases, and gastroenterology, under the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Matthew Davis, who brings over 30 years of experience in running clinical trials with RCR.

“Opening RCR Buffalo is more than an expansion; it’s a commitment to harnessing three decades of clinical research expertise to make a meaningful difference in patient care and medical advancements in Buffalo,” said Dr. Matthew Davis, Chief Medical Officer at RCR. “Our goal is to bring cutting-edge clinical trials to the community, offering local access to the latest treatments and therapies. It’s an exciting time for RCR and the Buffalo area as we embark on this journey together.”

RCR Buffalo will be committed to providing the same level of individualized patient care and contributing quality data to sponsors that RCR is known for. The new facility will enable easier access for participants in the Buffalo area to engage in clinical research opportunities, contributing to the development of new treatments and therapies.

A Call for Participation

RCR Buffalo invites interested participants to learn more about upcoming clinical research opportunities. Whether you are considering participating in a clinical trial or wish to contribute to the advancement of medical research, RCR Buffalo will work with several large pharmaceutical companies and hopes to offer a range of studies across various therapeutic areas.

Stay Informed

For updates on the new site, and to explore participation and partnering opportunities, please visit For further inquiries, RCR Buffalo can be reached at 716-415-8380.

About Rochester Clinical Research

Rochester Clinical Research has been a leader of clinical research for over 30 years, with a mission to advance medical science and improve patient care. With the opening of RCR Buffalo, RCR reaffirms its commitment to expanding the scope of clinical research and making it accessible to more communities.

About Atlas Clinical Research

Atlas Clinical Research is a therapeutically driven clinical research site network built on centralized process excellence and integrated technology. Atlas sites and physicians form a bridge from patients and their families to new treatments that could improve their lives. Atlas specializes in infectious disease, CNS, gastroenterology, cardiovascular, metabolic, and general medicine and plans to expand across the United States to reach a broad and diverse population of waiting patients. Atlas partners with biopharma sponsors and CROs to find the fastest route to the future of healthcare with a relentless focus on speed, data quality, and patient care across the portfolio.


RCR Buffalo  

Phone: 716-415-8380  


Address: 1491 Sheridan Dr. Suite 600, Buffalo NY 14217