Rochester Clinical Research is proud to have worked on the BioHaven studies that show promise in treating acute migraines with a receptor antagonist known as Zavegepant. BioHaven Pharmaceuticals has been working on this investigational nasal spray that is now in phase 3 of development and is the only one of its kind that is close to being FDA approved to treat these types of migraines shown in people. 

During the studies, they have seen that compared to participants that received the placebo, the ones who got the Zavegepant had relief in their pain symptoms as early as 15 minutes after using the nasal spray. The first phase of the study was testing to see if 10 mg of the Zavegepant was absorbed in participants in about a 30-minute time frame. The second phase was seeing whether or not the 10 mg dose chosen was going to be effective when treating migraines, and the third phase used the dose to test on participants who suffered from 2-8 migraine attacks a month, ranging from moderate to severe ones. 

During the duration of the study, BioHaven had around 1,269 participants who suffered from migraines. All of them did the nasal spray on their own when they felt an attack coming on. After about 15 minutes of taking the Zavegepant, they had to describe their experience in an eDiary. The results showed that more numbers were feeling pain relief after doing the nasal spray in a 15-30 minute time range and lasting for up to about 48 hours, compared to those who had the placebo. 

Rochester Clinical Research wants to continue helping with the advancement of migraine treatments. Currently, we have a study going on that is testing the safety and efficacy of a medicine in adults between the ages of 18-80 years old who experience around 4-14 migraines a month. Call RCR at 585-288-0890 or click the link below to learn more.