The battle is not over in finding the right preventative and treatment for disabling and frustrating migraine attacks. In the United States alone, over 37 million men, women and children live with the burden of unpredictable migraine attacks. “The majority of migraine sufferers do not get the relief they need from current migraine medications” states experienced Migraine Practitioner, Dr. Joseph Mann.  Rochester Clinical Research offers a multitude of treatment options, that are not yet available to the general public including different administered medications and devices that can make migraines less severe, reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and improve quality of life.

“Migraines: The Battle for a Cure” will discuss what causes migraines and what is being offered on the front lines here at Rochester Clinical Research as near-cures, alternative treatments and new devices that are available for thousands of sufferers. The event will be hosted on July 10th at 6:00PM at the Strathallen Hotel (550 East Avenue Rochester, NY). Registration will be required and space is limited to the first 150 registrants. Email your name, number attending and phone number to ytevmneq@epepyvavpny.pbz to register today or fill out the form below! 

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Currently available migraine medications, often bring negative side effects including nausea, vomiting or simply no relief. Rochester Clinical Research is conducting five investigational research studies each with a unique treatment prevention that may be better received in patients. These include an all-natural nasal spray. Similar to a probiotic, it enhances your immune system and can help prevent migraine headaches. Rochester Clinical Research also provides cutting-edge technology in migraine management with several device options controlled directly from your smart phone. There are a limited number of openings available to try these exclusive research study medication options, so migraine sufferers are encourage to attend  ”Migraines: The Battle for a Cure” to learn more and sign up.

On May 31, 2018 the first medicine solely designed to prevent migraines was approved, ushering in a new era in the treatment of migraines. Rochester Clinical Research and nationally recognized neurologist and migraine specialist, Dr. Mann, are on the forefront in the search for similar new preventatives and acute treatments for the most common neurological disease. “It’s not just a headache. Migraines are still widely underdiagnosed and undertreated. If you have a disabling headache with nausea and light sensitivity, you most likely have a migraine” says Dr. Joseph Mann.

If you suffer from migraines, this is an event you won’t want to miss. For more information or to register please call 585-288-0890.