Hospitals around the country are seeing a rise in  RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) cases this season, especially among pediatric patients. RSV is a respiratory virus that attacks the lungs and can be very dangerous in older adults and infants who have weakened immune systems. It is known as a highly infectious virus and can sometimes lead to hospitalizations and death. RSV presents itself in the body as cold-like symptoms such as congestion, cough, runny nose, muscle aches, fever, headache, and loss of appetite. These symptoms can eventually worsen and turn into more severe infections such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia. There currently is no vaccine that can be given to protect against RSV so it is important to take precautionary measures during the sick season that’s ahead. 

 RSV cases are most common in the late fall and winter seasons, but this year they were seen emerging at the end of the summer. The CDC states that we have already surpassed peak levels of RSV cases from last year. Hospitals are hitting capacity because of how many pediatric RSV cases are coming in. With Covid, the flu, and RSV going around, hospitals are worried they are going to run out of room for sick children. RSV is now hitting hard because during the pandemic it wasn’t seen spreading as much, and children’s bodies weren’t able to build up immunity against it. 

 RSV spreads easily through droplets that land on surfaces. This is why health officials stress how important it is to teach your children good hygiene when they are spending their days around other children at daycare or school. It is also important to take their children’s symptoms very seriously because what you may think is just a cold, could turn into much worse if it’s left untreated. Health officials are also saying that because of how fast the three viruses going around are spreading, keeping your children at home if they are sick is a must so that they aren’t spreading these respiratory illnesses. 

Many pharmaceutical companies are trying very hard to find vaccines to protect against RSV in the future. Rochester Clinical research works on many of these clinical trials for RSV in older adults and younger children. If you are interested in signing your child up to participate in a future pediatric RSV trial, you can call (585) 288-0890 to join our general database. All of our trials offer compensation and require no health insurance to participate. 

With your help, we can create a healthier future free of RSV for our loved ones!