Volunteers are frequently asked to fill out diaries when participating in a study at Rochester Clinical Research. Study diaries are an important tool to collect important information for the study sponsor. Collecting this information accurately is very important for your safety and for the success of the trial. Diaries often times can be electronic (either an app on your phone, or a tablet or device is given to you) or it can be a paper diary. The information you provide when filling out your diary will help decide if a drug or vaccine should move to the next phase of research or if the drug or vaccine should be approved to go onto the market.

When filling out a diary, it is very important to fill in all days of the diaries. Typically diaries can be kept for one to two weeks long. On the diary you will record information on:

  • Any Reactions
  • Your temperature
  • Any symptoms (often with a rating scale)
  • Any new medications that you started after your visit

If at any point you have a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1. If you have a non-emergency reaction that is concerning to you, please contact Rochester Clinical Research before your next appointment.

Once you have completed the allotted time designated for diary keeping, you will be required to bring your diary back to RCR at your next visit. In some circumstances you will be asked to return your diary before it is totally completed. It is important to note, that you should follow specific instructions given to you at the time of receiving your diary.