• Photo - Matthew Davis, MD

    Matthew Davis, MD

    Family Practice, Medical Director

    Dr. Davis has been a Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator for over 20 years, participating in over 500 clinical research studies. He was previously Chief Physician for the after-hours medical care division of a Rochester health care provider. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1981, received his MD from the University of Rochester in 1986, completed his family residency at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 1989 and served three years on active duty with the US Air Force during the Persian Gulf War. He returned to Rochester in 1992 working in primary care, emergency medicine, and clinical research. Dr. Davis is board certified in family medicine, and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Monroe County Medical Society.

  • Photo - Tammi Shlotzhauer, MD

    Tammi Shlotzhauer, MD

    Rheumatology & Internal Medicine, Assistant Medical Director

    Dr. Shlotzhauer, a practicing rheumatologist, is board-certified in both internal medicine and rheumatology. She has participated in over 185 clinical trials and has consulted with partners on protocol development. She is partner in a successful rheumatology practice, located in the same building at RCR. Dr. Shlotzhauer received her MD from the University of Rochester, completed her Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Rochester, and completed her Rheumatology Fellowship at Stanford University. Her interests include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, collagen vascular disorders, pain syndromes, and common internal medicine diagnoses.

  • Photo - Joseph I. Mann, MD

    Joseph I. Mann, MD

    Neurology & Headache Medicine, Investigator

    Dr. Mann joined the RCR organization after retiring from the Greater Rochester Neurological Associates. He completed over 40 years of clinical practice in Neurology with a strong subspecialty practice in Headache Medicine. He is a member of the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry and has a subspecialty certification for Headache Medicine through the United Council of Neurological Subspecialities. Dr. Mann is a member of the American Academy of neurology and the American Headache Society. He was awarded Headache Healthcare Practitioner of the Year for 2016 by the National Headache foundation.

  • Photo - Janet Casey, MD

    Janet Casey, MD

    Dr. Casey is the owner of Legacy Pediatrics where she practices primary care and as a sub specialist consultant. Dr. Casey heads up the research team at Legacy Pediatrics where she has acted as the Principal Investigator for many pediatric research studies. Legacy Pediatrics and RCR started their partnership in 2018.

  • Photo - Sarah Geno, RPA-C, MPAS

    Sarah Geno, RPA-C, MPAS

    Registered Physician Assistant – Certified, RCR Sub-Investigator

    Sarah joined RCR as a sub-investigator in 2019 after 17 years of clinical internal medicine. She is a board certified Physician Assistant who graduated with a double major Bachelors of Science and Psychology from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2003. Afterwards, she went on to work in primary care while obtaining her masters degree. She has practiced with the Department of Defense on a nuclear submarine base and the Department of Veterans Affairs, created and managed an after hours facility in Rochester and cared for a panel of 500 patients at Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group. Sarah has also recently served as an expert witness for MLMIC on a medical malpractice case. She is passionate about her side career as a professional speaker for Myriad Genetics where she travels to other primary care facilities to educate and implement screening programs for hereditary cancer screening and genetic testing.

  • Photo - Mervyn Weerasinghe, MD

    Mervyn Weerasinghe, MD

    Internal Medicine, Consultant

    With over 15 years experience conducting research, Dr. Weerasinghe has been Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator on more than 400 clinical research studies. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has extensive practice experience in managed care settings. He was the Medical Director of an HMO for eight years, the Medical Director of a hospital for seven years and the Medical Director of a multi-specialty group practice for 10 years. He has served as Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator in the areas of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, asthma, osteoarthritis, hormone replacement therapy, smoking cessation, peptic ulcer disease and contraception.

  • Photo - Therese Dayton, RN, CCRC

    Therese Dayton, RN, CCRC

    Director of Nursing and Operations

    Therese has worked at Rochester Clinical Research for over seventeen years, after thirteen years as a labor and delivery nurse. She enjoys the fast pace of research and guiding studies from start to finish. She loves seeing our volunteers return time and time again because of the great care they receive.

  • Photo - Kathleen Ebeling, RN, CRRC

    Kathleen Ebeling, RN, CRRC

    Study Coordinator

    Kathleen Ebeling, RN joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2012 after working as a rehabilitation nurse and Clinical Coordinator in long term care. Prior to her second career in nursing she worked in Human Resources at The Episcopal Senior Life Communities, a Financial Analyst at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and a Program Controls Administrator with Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo California. She has her BA in psychology and a MBA with a concentration in health care Finance. In addition to work she enjoys volunteering for local charities and traveling.

  • Photo - Michelle Burgett, RN

    Michelle Burgett, RN

    Study Coordinator

    Michelle came to RCR in 2018 after working in the emergency department of a Rochester hospital. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from SUNY Brockport.

  • Photo - Kara Cristales, RN

    Kara Cristales, RN

    Study Coordinator

    Kara Cristales, RN is a study coordinator at Rochester Clinical Research since June 2018. She started out as a nurse on an acute step down telemetry unit at Unity hospital. She worked at ACM in clinical trials as a specimen management processor and frozen storage associate, where she developed her interest in clinical research, while attending nursing school at Monroe Community College. While she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and fur babies.

  • Photo - Deb Hodges, RN, CRCC

    Deb Hodges, RN, CRCC

    Study Coordinator

    Deb joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2016 and comes to us from Hurlbut Care communities where she was responsible for infection control. Deb attended Genesee Community College, graduating with an Associates Degree in Nursing and then went on for her RN certification.

  • Photo - Julie Mooney, RN, CRRC

    Julie Mooney, RN, CRRC

    Study Coordinator

    Julie started working at Rochester Clinical Research in December 2015 after working in the recovery room at a Rochester hospital. She received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Monroe Community College in 2008 and her BSN from SUNY Brockport in 2011. Her medical interests are surgery and research centered medicine and medical devices of the future.

  • Photo - Kate Pagenkemper, RN

    Kate Pagenkemper, RN

    Study Coordinator

    Kate Pagenkemper came to Rochester Clinical Research in 2016 after working in the emergency department of a Rochester hospital. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Roberts Wesleyan College.

  • Photo - Jaclyn Zona, RN, CCRC

    Jaclyn Zona, RN, CCRC

    Study Coordinator

    Jaclyn joined RCR in 2014, after working at Unity Hospital in the recovery room and medical units. Jaclyn has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Wellness Management and Health Education.

  • Photo - Diana Kailburn

    Diana Kailburn

    Study Coordinator

    Diana Kailburn, RN, joined the RCR team in 2019 after working on an Orthopedic/Med-Surg floor at FF Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua. Diana received her Associates Degree in Registered Nursing in 2017 after working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Internal Medicine. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, traveling and exploring new places, as well as spending time with friends and family.

  • Photo - Susan Willer, RN

    Susan Willer, RN

    Vaccine & Float Nurse

    Susan joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2019. Previously she worked in outpatient cardiology and Passport Health at URMC. Outside of work she enjoys attending shows at Geva and Rochester Broadway Theater League.

  • Photo - Victoria Fink, RD, MPH, CDE, CCRC

    Victoria Fink, RD, MPH, CDE, CCRC

    Registered Dietician

    Vicky is a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator as well as a study coordinator since 2010. She works with weight loss study participants helping them develop lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits.

  • Photo - Raquel Hartman

    Raquel Hartman

    Research Assistant

    Raquel joined RCR in 2016, after being a stay at home mother of two for a little over a year. Prior to RCR she worked as a medical secretary at University of Rochester Medical Center in specialty pediatrics for 5 years. She enjoys working and learning in the medical field, and in the future would like to go into a nursing program.

  • Photo - Kathy Bernardi

    Kathy Bernardi

    Research Assistant

    Kathy has been at RCR for several years. Her compassionate, helpful attitude, and friendly demeanor with patients is invaluable to our team.

  • Photo - Jennifer McCloud

    Jennifer McCloud

    Lab Technician

    Jennifer is our lab tech extraordinaire! She came to Rochester Clinical Research in January 2019.  In her position, she works to make sure that all tests and blood samples are handled perfectly. She worked at RGH as a Phlebotomist for 6 before joining RCR. I love being outdoors with my family and love to cook and bake.

  • Marie Musolino

    Research Assistant

    Marie is a Research Assistant at RCR. Previous worked in RCR’s lab, drawing blood and running the various tests associated with each study. Marie is always a friendly presence and extraordinarily great at helping maintain quality data for RCR.

  • Photo - Lynne Ver Straete

    Lynne Ver Straete

    Recruitment Patient Specialist

    Lynne is happy to bring her clinical trial, biomedical and customer service experience to RCR.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Empire State College.  She enjoys helping people, spending time with family and pets, and exploring the Adirondacks.

  • Photo - Keli Engman

    Keli Engman

    Recruitment Patient Specialist

    Keli started at Rochester Clinical Research in January 2019, and brings over 20 years of experience in all different aspects in the medical field. Keli graduated with an Associate’s degree from the Rochester Business Institute. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with family and watch her favorite teams – the NY Yankees and Buffalo Sabres!

  • Photo - Lydia Purcell

    Lydia Purcell

    Recruitment Patient Specialist

    Lydia began working with Rochester Clinical Research in December 2018. She attended Buffalo State College and has her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies. She has mostly worked in the service industry in the past and finds that it has helped her significantly when it comes to patient recruitment. She loves working in a fast paced environment and talking with people. Her favorite things to do when she’s not working are traveling and attending concerts. She also loves dogs more than most humans, especially her welsh terrier Finnegan.

  • Photo - Patricia Larrabee, RNNP, CCRC

    Patricia Larrabee, RNNP, CCRC

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Pat founded Rochester Clinical Research in 1994 to provide residents of the Greater Rochester area with access to research studies. She has been a Sub-Investigator in over 450 clinical trials over 26 years, building on her clinical experience as a researcher and lecturer on high blood pressure, and her work with local physicians in managed care settings. Pat’s limitless energy, compassion and attention to detail have accounted for much of RCR’s success.

  • Photo - Adam Larrabee

    Adam Larrabee


    Adam joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2001. His love of people, quick wit and ebullient personality make him a natural for developing business relationships with partners and the community.    Adam is responsible for strategic marketing and business development, and contributes significantly to the corporate strategic plan.

  • Photo - Brendan Larrabee

    Brendan Larrabee

    Director of Quality Initiatives

    Brendan joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2016 and has a background in Lean and Continuous Improvement. As an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS/ME in Industrial Engineering, Sustainable Engineering he brings his unique experience to help RCR maintain their exceptional quality focus.

  • Photo - Laura Lockhart

    Laura Lockhart

    Director of Contracts, Budgets, and Special Projects

    Laura joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2009 as a Research Assistant. Since then she has been promoted to Director of Contracts, Budgets, and Special Projects where she reviews and oversees all trial budgets, directs contract negotiation, and special projects as needed.

  • Photo - Louisa Khalil

    Louisa Khalil

    Director of Business Operations

    Louisa joined RCR as the company’s Marketing Manager and later promoted to Director of Business Operations. She oversees all marketing communications and provides strategic vision related to the growth of RCR’s brand and study volunteer community. Louisa graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BA in Communications.

  • Photo - Joanne Pernice

    Joanne Pernice


    Joanne is RCR’s Accountant Extraordinaire. She makes sure that our patient’s receive their compensation on time and in full. As a team player, she also makes sure that the business is run successfully behind the scenes.  Outside of RCR, Joanne volunteers at the zoo. She has a passion for animals and giving back to the community.

  • Photo - Kerry O’Brien-Stulb

    Kerry O’Brien-Stulb

    Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Coordinator

    Kerry joined the Rochester Clinical Research team in 2012 as an Administrative Assistant and has since elevated herself into the position of Regulatory & Corporate Affairs Coordinator. Kerry’s work ethic and attention to detail has proven her to be an invaluable asset in her role.

  • Photo - Cathy Russell, LPN

    Cathy Russell, LPN

    Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Cathy has been at Rochester Clinical Research since May 2016. Her experience with medicine as an LPN has made her a great asset to the RCR Recruitment Team before being promoted to Quality Assurance Coordinator in 2019.

  • Photo - Liz Saitta

    Liz Saitta

    Administrative Assistant

    Liz has been an Administrative Assistant with RCR for over a decade. Her friendly demeanor and organizational skills make her a great asset to the RCR team.

  • Photo - Beverly Shaff

    Beverly Shaff

    Administrative Assistant

    Bev started working for RCR in 2010 as a Volunteer Recruitment Specialist.  She has been a Research Assistant, and now works as an Administrative Assistance. Originally from Texas, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her dogs, traveling and reading.

  • Photo - Dave Hurley

    Dave Hurley

    Information Technology

    Dave has been at RCR for several years, making sure all of our technology is up to date and working just as hard as the rest of the company. He also doubles as our very own “Mr. Fix-it”.