• Photo - Matthew Davis, MD

    Matthew Davis, MD

    Family Practice, Medical Director

    Dr. Davis has been a Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator for over 20 years, participating in over 500 clinical research studies. He was previously Chief Physician for the after-hours medical care division of a Rochester health care provider. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1981, received his MD from the University of Rochester in 1986, completed his family residency at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 1989 and served three years on active duty with the US Air Force during the Persian Gulf War. He returned to Rochester in 1992 working in primary care, emergency medicine, and clinical research. Dr. Davis is board certified in family medicine, and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Monroe County Medical Society.

  • Photo - Patrick Connors, MD

    Patrick Connors, MD


    Dr. Connors joined RCR after practicing internal medicine for 25 years locally. He received a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Duke University. He graduated from Case Western Reserve Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Photo - Joseph I. Mann, MD

    Joseph I. Mann, MD

    Neurology & Headache Medicine, Investigator

    Dr. Mann joined the RCR organization after retiring from the Greater Rochester Neurological Associates. He completed over 40 years of clinical practice in Neurology with a strong subspecialty practice in Headache Medicine. He is a member of the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry and has a subspecialty certification for Headache Medicine through the United Council of Neurological Subspecialities. Dr. Mann is a member of the American Academy of neurology and the American Headache Society. He was awarded Headache Healthcare Practitioner of the Year for 2016 by the National Headache foundation.

  • Photo - Joseph A. DiPoala Jr., MD, FACP

    Joseph A. DiPoala Jr., MD, FACP

    Internal Medicine, Investigator

    Dr. DiPoala joined RCR after practicing internal medicine for 30 years at Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group. He graduated from Colgate University with a bachelor’s in neuroscience and received his medical degree from Pennsylvania State College of Medicine. He completed residency training at the University of Rochester. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.  Dr. DiPoala is a pioneer in the use of information technology to improve healthcare delivery.  Outside of work he enjoys running.

  • Photo - Shelly Kane, MD

    Shelly Kane, MD

    RCR Principal and Sub-Investigator

    Dr.Kane practices internal medicine at Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group. She joined the RCR team in 2021 through the RCR and Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group partnership. She received her BA in biological science from SUNY Buffalo and attended medical school and completed her residency at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. She has been practicing Internal Medicine for 25 years in Rochester. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family, her pets, traveling, and camping.

  • Photo - Leigh Schirmer MS, PA-C

    Leigh Schirmer MS, PA-C

    Physician Assistant- RCR Sub-Investigator

    Leigh joined RCR as a sub-investigator in early 2023 after 16 years of clinical practice. She is a board-certified Physician Assistant graduate of Philadelphia University, class of 2006. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Elmira College in 2004 with a double major in Biology and Psychology.  

    She started her PA career specializing in cardiothoracic surgery, moving on to critical care for several years.  Over the past 8 years, she has practiced general cardiology locally.  She is excited to expand her knowledge in the field of research! Outside of work, Leigh enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters!

  • Photo - Jean C. Kelly, MS, PA-C

    Jean C. Kelly, MS, PA-C

    Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Physician Assistant - RCR Sub-Investigator

    Jean joined RCR in 2020 as a Sub-Investigator after five years in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. She is a board-certified Physician Assistant who graduated with a Bachelor’s/Master’s of Science degree in 2016 from the Rochester Institute of Technology. While obtaining her degree, Jean completed a clinical internship in Hematology/Oncology in Genoa, Italy. Post-graduation, Jean did a one-year Emergency Medicine APP Fellowship at the University of Rochester Medical Center and continued to work full time in their Emergency Department afterwards. She has spent the past two years in Cardiac Critical Care. Jean is excited to take on a new role in clinical research, the basis of medical advancements. Outside of work, she likes traveling, theater, cooking, and spending time with her family!

  • Photo - Janet Casey, MD

    Janet Casey, MD

    RCR Principal and Sub-Investigator

    Dr. Casey is the owner of Legacy Pediatrics where she practices primary care and as a sub specialist consultant. Dr. Casey heads up the research team at Legacy Pediatrics where she has acted as the Principal Investigator for many pediatric research studies. Legacy Pediatrics and RCR started their partnership in 2018.

  • Photo - Mervyn Weerasinghe, MD

    Mervyn Weerasinghe, MD

    Internal Medicine, Consultant

    With over 15 years experience conducting research, Dr. Weerasinghe has been Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator on more than 400 clinical research studies. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has extensive practice experience in managed care settings. He was the Medical Director of an HMO for eight years, the Medical Director of a hospital for seven years and the Medical Director of a multi-specialty group practice for 10 years. He has served as Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator in the areas of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, asthma, osteoarthritis, hormone replacement therapy, smoking cessation, peptic ulcer disease and contraception.

  • Photo - Samantha DelMartino

    Samantha DelMartino

    Study Coordinator

    Samantha joined the RCR team as a Study Coordinator, bringing valuable experience from her past roles as a Clinical Data Assistant, and Human Subject Research Coordinator. Experienced in Cardiology Device clinical trials and regulatory documentation, she also excels in data entry. Known for her strong leadership and organizational skills, Samantha is set to significantly contribute to RCR’s clinical research projects with her detail-oriented approach and interpersonal skills.

  • Photo - Kelley Powers

    Kelley Powers

    Vice President of Strategy & Operations

    Kelley joined RCR in January of 2021 as our VP of Strategy & Operations. Kelley was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY Cortland and a Master’s Degree from Brooklyn College. She brings a diverse professional background that includes acting in off, off, off-Broadway plays in NYC, working in Global Banking Private Client Services, working on Wall Street for over 10 years, then moving to Hollywood to work in Drama Development for Twentieth Century Fox Television. Kelley then changed gears to work on business analysis and client services where she climbed the ranks, building teams, expanding companies, and solving problems. Kelley recently moved back to Western New York with her husband, Tim, and two dogs, Buttercup and Wheezer. She loves enjoying all the fun, family, and weather WNY has to offer! She is excited to join RCR during such a time of growth and change.

  • Photo - Louisa Khalil, CCRC

    Louisa Khalil, CCRC

    Vice President of Business Operations

    Louisa joined RCR in 2018 and currently holds the position of Vice President of Business Operations. With her exceptional skills and expertise, she oversees critical areas such as marketing communications, budgets and contracts, patient engagement and retention, regulatory affairs, and quality control. Louisa’s strategic vision plays a pivotal role in driving the growth of RCR’s brand and study volunteer community. Her educational background includes a BA in Communications from the University at Buffalo. Louisa’s dedication and commitment to excellence are evident in her ability to streamline operations and ensure the highest standards of quality across the organization. With her strong leadership and strategic acumen, Louisa continues to drive RCR’s success and contribute to its mission of advancing medical research and improving patient care.

  • Photo - Matthew Fuino

    Matthew Fuino

    Director of IT

    Matthew came to RCR in May 2021. He brings over 25 years of experience in network engineering, system administration, and IT management. Matthew has worked in manufacturing, medical and academic environments. While not at work. Matthew is a huge car enthusiast. He enjoys driving, racing, and attending auto shows and cruises. Matthews other hobbies include writing, photography, gaming, game, and app development, science fiction, and videography.

  • Photo - Armita Lewkowicz

    Armita Lewkowicz

    Director of Human Resources

    I’ve been with RCR since 2019 and brought over 30 years of experience in HR.  Most of that time in the manufacturing industry but I have found a new home in the clinical research environment.  In my free time, I love spending time with family/friends and either watching or reading a good mystery.

  • Photo - MJ Stark

    MJ Stark

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    MJ joined RCR in November of 2022. She is a proud RIT Alumna and has over 10 years of experience working in HR and administrative roles. She is very excited to be part of the RCR team and seek out new talent as we continue to grow. MJ is the proud mom of 3 boys. She spent 12 years as a stay-at-home mom which was the best job she ever had. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and making great memories.

  • Photo - Kelly Frost

    Kelly Frost

    Business Development Associate

    Kelly recently joined RCR in August 2023 after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience. She is thrilled to work in Business Development at RCR and has a passion for science and building professional relationships. Kelly is originally from Cazenovia, NY, and enjoys running, drawing, and spending time with friends and family in her free time.

  • Photo - Abigail Purcell

    Abigail Purcell

    eLearning Specialist

    I started out in Graphic Design and figured out that it wasn’t for me. After many years of trial and error, I decided to get a master’s degree in Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute. I love information and sharing it is one of my joys in life. I had been offered a role at RCR and joined in July 2020. I have been a Regulatory Specialist for 2 and half years and am now starting a new staff role as an eLearning Specialist.
    Quick facts: I am hard of hearing, I wear two hearing aids (but they don’t work like glasses), and I can lip-read. I was the ONE of the one in a million chances of being allergic to the MMR vaccine which resulted in an illness in which the aftermath resulted in my hearing loss. I hate carrots and I love nachos.
  • Photo - Grace Andolina

    Grace Andolina

    Marketing Coordinator

    Grace recently joined RCR in May 2022, upon graduating from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. In college, she majored in digital marketing and analytics and is very passionate about the constant evolution that marketing is. She is from Pittsford NY, and in her free time, she likes to work out and cook up new recipes for her family. Grace is excited to be in the clinical research field and learn all about how treatments come to life.

  • Photo - Dave Hurley

    Dave Hurley

    Information Technology

    Dave has been at RCR for several years, making sure all of our technology is up to date and working just as hard as the rest of the company. He also doubles as our very own “Mr. Fix-it”.

  • Photo - Ellen Robinson

    Ellen Robinson

    Staff Accountant

    I came to RCR at the end of July 2022 as a staff accountant from the manufacturing sector. I have done all aspects of accounting for different industries and am very excited to learn about clinical research. When I am not working, I like to hang out with my family and my two cats and play in the garden.

  • Photo - Jill Cosgrove

    Jill Cosgrove

    Executive Administrator

    Jill joined RCR in March 2022 and brings 30 years of professional experience working directly for senior management in finance, human resource, and payroll.   At RCR she supports the Admin Suite and keeps the staff rich with office supplies and coffee.  If you need something, Jill is usually the person who can secure it for you!  When not at work Jill enjoys walking/hiking with friends, watching DIY shows on TV, and volunteering.

  • Photo - Cathy Russell, LPN

    Cathy Russell, LPN

    Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Cathy has been at Rochester Clinical Research since May 2016. Her experience with medicine as an LPN has made her a great asset to the RCR Recruitment Team before being promoted to Quality Assurance Coordinator in 2019.

  • Photo - Tori Fox-St. Jacques

    Tori Fox-St. Jacques

    Clinical Data Coordinator

    Tori began at RCR in November 2021 as our Data Capture Analyst. Tori received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from SUNY Geneseo and her Master’s Degree in Public Health and Health Service Administration from SUNY Buffalo. She brings prior experience as a Research Analyst researching mitigating and monitoring the impact of COVID on First Responders. In her free time, Tori enjoys traveling, hiking (and has even been to a handful of National Parks), camping, and watching Marvel movies! Tori is excited for the opportunity to get involved in the research field in such a hands-on way!

  • Photo - Danielle Messore

    Danielle Messore

    Clinical Data Coordinator

    Danielle joined RCR in July 2023 as a Clinical Data Coordinator. Danielle received her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from SUNY Brockport. She started working in clinical trials as a research assistant for her Motor Learning professor. Since then, she has gained valuable experience working in various clinical trial positions. In her free time, she enjoys reading with her numerous pets.

  • Photo - Beverly Shaff

    Beverly Shaff

    Administrative Assistant

    Bev started working for RCR in 2010 as a Volunteer Recruitment Specialist.  She has been a Research Assistant, and now works as an Administrative Assistance. Originally from Texas, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her dogs, traveling and reading.

  • Photo - Liz Saitta

    Liz Saitta

    Administrative Assistant

    Liz has been an Administrative Assistant with RCR for over a decade. Her friendly demeanor and organizational skills make her a great asset to the RCR team.

  • Photo - Patricia Larrabee, RNNP, CCRC

    Patricia Larrabee, RNNP, CCRC

    Founder and Consultant

    Pat founded Rochester Clinical Research in 1994 to provide residents of the Greater Rochester area with access to research studies. She has been a Sub-Investigator in over 450 clinical trials over 26 years, building on her clinical experience as a researcher and lecturer on high blood pressure, and her work with local physicians in managed care settings. Pat’s limitless energy, compassion and attention to detail have accounted for much of RCR’s success. Pat currently serves as a consultant to Rochester Clinical Research.

  • Photo - Brendan Larrabee

    Brendan Larrabee


    Brendan joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2016 and has a background in Lean and Continuous Improvement. As an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS/ME in Industrial Engineering, Sustainable Engineering he brings his unique experience to consult with RCR to maintain their exceptional quality focus.

  • Photo - Kathleen Ebeling, RN, CRRC

    Kathleen Ebeling, RN, CRRC

    Senior Clinical Research Nurse

    Kathleen Ebeling, RN joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2012 after working as a rehabilitation nurse and Clinical Coordinator in long term care. Prior to her second career in nursing she worked in Human Resources at The Episcopal Senior Life Communities, a Financial Analyst at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and a Program Controls Administrator with Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo California. She has her BA in psychology and a MBA with a concentration in health care Finance. In addition to work she enjoys volunteering for local charities and traveling.

  • Photo - Julie Mooney, RN, CRRC

    Julie Mooney, RN, CRRC

    Senior Clinical Research Nurse

    Julie started working at Rochester Clinical Research in December 2015 after working in the recovery room at a Rochester hospital. She received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Monroe Community College in 2008 and her BSN from SUNY Brockport in 2011. Her medical interests are surgery and research centered medicine and medical devices of the future.

  • Photo - Deb Hodges, RN, CRCC

    Deb Hodges, RN, CRCC

    Clinical Research Nurse

    Deb joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2016 and comes to us from Hurlbut Care communities where she was responsible for infection control. Deb attended Genesee Community College, graduating with an Associates Degree in Nursing and then went on for her RN certification.

  • Photo - Carolyn DiPoala, RN

    Carolyn DiPoala, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

    Carolyn joined RCR in August 2021. Before RCR, Carolyn worked for two years in inpatient intensive nursing care. Carolyn is excited for a change in work and to have the opportunity to learn every day at RCR. Carolyn is a plant lover and enjoys spending time outside of work with her family.

  • Photo - Cherie Hallinan, RN

    Cherie Hallinan, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

    Cherie joined the RCR team in March of 2022 as a Study Coordinator. She earned her Bachelor’s in Nursing at Suny Brockport. She brings over 19 years of experience as a cardiac critical care nurse. She came to RCR looking to expand her knowledge of the newest most advanced changes in medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys her family and friends.

  • Photo - Heidi Capria, RN

    Heidi Capria, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

    Heidi joined the RCR team in 2022. With prior experience in Cardiothoracic Surgery and three years of adult post-op expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our organization. Heidi earned her RN degree from St. John Fisher College in 2021, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in the field of nursing. Outside of work, Heidi enjoys engaging in hobbies that promote balance and well-being including gardening, practicing yoga, and spending time with her pets. Heidi’s extensive medical background, dedication to patient care, and diverse interests, plays a crucial role in contributing to our mission of advancing medical research.

  • Photo - Sheila Fleming, RN

    Sheila Fleming, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

    I’ve always had an interest in healthcare, especially women’s health, and was a birth doula for 3 years prior to entering my nursing program.  I graduated from St. John Fisher in 2015, then went on to work at Highland’s Mother/Baby unit from 2016-2022.  I went back for my master’s in Family Nurse Practitioner also at St. John Fisher, and am currently attending part-time.  After taking several research courses in my master’s program, it sparked my interest in pursuing research as a career which led me to RCR.  Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my family and listening to historical podcasts.

  • Photo - Sarah Taddeo, RN

    Sarah Taddeo, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

  • Photo - Stephen Gefell, RN

    Stephen Gefell, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

    Steve started at RCR in July 2022. He earned his Bachelor’s in Nursing from SUNY Brockport and worked in outpatient hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for Rochester Regional Health before joining the team. Steve is an Adirondack 46er and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and disc golf when he’s not at work.

  • Photo - Cassidy Glod

    Cassidy Glod

    Study Coordinator

    Cassidy joined Rochester Clinical Research in February 2021 after working at a Rochester hospital. Cassidy loves working with patients and has experience in inpatient cardiology, neurology, and surgery. She studied Biochemistry at St. John Fisher where she developed a passion for research in the medical field. Outside of work, Cassidy loves traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Photo - Tom Francis

    Tom Francis

    Study Coordinator

    After completing medical school and 1 year of internship, which involved managing multiple patients in the ED and surgical/medical wards/ICUs, I performed and assisted in multiple surgical procedures. I Practiced as a physician in EDs and in-patient clinics. I also worked at a clinic dealing with patient insurance approvals and I worked with the county public health department during the Covid pandemic. I took care of multiple patients with Covid in ED observation at Unity hospital. Currently, I am enrolled in MS in Clinical research management/drug safety and pharmacovigilance at Rutgers University.

  • Photo - Kristine Hickin, RN

    Kristine Hickin, RN

    Clinical Research Nurse

    I grew up in Binghamton, NY, and came up to Rochester for college. I studied at St. John Fisher College and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I have 3 years of medical/surgical experience at local area hospitals and was a local travel nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am excited to learn more about research. Outside of work, I like to play volleyball and kickball with my friends.

  • Photo - Jennifer Foley, CCRC

    Jennifer Foley, CCRC

    Study Coordinator

    Jennifer joined Rochester Clinical Research in July 2020. She received a master’s degree in management from Keuka College and brings over 10 years of research expertise and clinical trial management. She has extensive experience working with under-resourced and marginalized populations, especially in the area of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Jenn is excited to contribute to research once again. When not working, Jenn enjoys spending time with her family.

  • Photo - Zerina Zornic, PharmD

    Zerina Zornic, PharmD


     Zerina went to MCC for undergraduate school when she realized she wanted to do pharmacy. She started pharmacy school at St. John Fisher Wegmans School of Pharmacy and graduated in May 2020. Her past experience includes working at CVS and Strong Outpatient Pharmacy as an intern and she is excited to help out with the research side of things. She currently works at Wegmans as a pharmacist as well. Outside of work, Zerina enjoys being outdoors, trying new restaurants, loves coffee and trying new coffee shops, and reading. She also has a 9-year-old black lab rescue named Rudy, who she adores.
  • Photo - Dola Albert, PharmD

    Dola Albert, PharmD


    Dola is a pharmacist for Rochester Clinical Research. She joined the team in 2022.

  • Photo - Madeleine Ross

    Madeleine Ross

    Research Assistant

    Madeleine, a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelors in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology joins RCR as a Research Assistant. Passionate about disease ecology, she is dedicated to understanding and addressing risks to human and ecosystem health. She brings her research experience and enthusiasm to RCR, and is looking forward to learning more about the world of clinical research. Outside of work, Madeleine enjoys hiking, cooking and skiing!

  • Photo - Chelsey LoMonaco

    Chelsey LoMonaco

    Research Assistant Manager

    I started at RCR when I was very young. I consider it my second home and like family! Outside of work, I am the proud mom of two young children! When I am not at the office, I am running them around to cheerleading or basketball.

  • Photo - Jessica Fisher

    Jessica Fisher

    Lead Research Assistant

    Jessica joined Rochester Clinical Research in September 2020. She has worked in customer service for 9 years, previously working at Greece Animal Hospital and in medical record aggregation for clinical trials. In her free time she loves to sing, dance, and paint, along with spending time with her friends and family.

  • Photo - Ashley Osinski

    Ashley Osinski

    Research Assistant

    Ashley is a dedicated Research Assistant at RCR, bringing nearly a decade of clinical research experience. With an Associate degree in applied science and prior work as a Medical Assistant, she possesses a strong foundation in healthcare. Alongside her passion for research, Ashley cherishes her 19-year-old cat, who holds a special place in her heart. Her commitment, expertise, and compassion make her an invaluable member of our team, contributing to our research endeavors and the advancement of medical knowledge.
  • Photo - Pina Marseglia

    Pina Marseglia

    Research Assistant

    Pina joined RCR in September of 2020. Pina has worked in healthcare for over 20 years, specifically internal medicine, orthopedics, and ophthalmology. Pina is excited about the change working in clinical research brings! When Pina is not at work, she enjoys sewing and running!

  • Photo - Helen Bell Upsher

    Helen Bell Upsher

    Lab Technician

    Helen Bell Upsher joined the Rochester Clinical Research team in 2022.


  • Photo - Lydia Purcell

    Lydia Purcell

    Recruitment Manager

    Lydia began working with Rochester Clinical Research in December 2018. She attended Buffalo State College and has her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies. She has mostly worked in the service industry in the past and finds that it has helped her significantly when it comes to patient recruitment. She loves working in a fast-paced environment and talking with people. Her favorite things to do when she’s not working are traveling and attending concerts. She also loves dogs more than most humans, especially her welsh terrier Finnegan.

  • Photo - Alexis Johnson

    Alexis Johnson

    Patient Recruitment Specialist

    Alexis joined RCR in July 2020. Before coming to RCR she worked at a local hospital for several years as a medical secretary in the operating room. Alexis also has a background in Administration and Child & Family Services. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters and family.

  • Photo - Scott Comegys

    Scott Comegys

    Patient Recruitment Specialist

    Scott is dedicated to serving the community and keeping it healthy. He has extensive customer service experience in other fields, with previous healthcare experience working at URMC before turning his attention to working with NYS Public Health during the COVID pandemic and becoming a NYS Citizen Public Health Leader. Outside of RCR Scott is an active community leader and balances his life by raising alpacas on his farm.

  • Photo - Lynne Ver Straete

    Lynne Ver Straete

    Recruitment Patient Specialist

    Lynne is happy to bring her clinical trial, biomedical and customer service experience to RCR.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Empire State College.  She enjoys helping people, spending time with family and pets, and exploring the Adirondacks.

  • Photo - Alyssa Birkbeck

    Alyssa Birkbeck

    Patient Engagement Manager

    Alyssa began at RCR in February of 2021 as an Administrative Assistant and was later promoted to Patient Engagement Specialist. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a minor in Psychology from the College at Brockport. She is passionate about community health and wellness. In her free time, she practices yoga and snuggles with her two dogs.

  • Photo - Eddie Coomber

    Eddie Coomber

    Patient Engagement Specialist

    Eddie joined RCR in July 2021. He has experience in the medical field and advising. Eddie is people-oriented and is excited for this new opportunity to work with patients. In his free time, he enjoys acting and is involved with the local theatre.

  • Photo - Rachael Hamlin

    Rachael Hamlin

    Patient Engagement Specialist

    Rachael joined Rochester Clinical Research in 2023 as a Patient Engagement Specialist. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. After college, Rachael spent several years working in Public Health. She has a passion for helping people and learning new things. She is excited to continue learning while working in Clinical Research.

    In her free time she enjoys playing soccer, reading, camping and spending time with her friends and family.