Why you should consider joining

the RCR family:

RCR is not just led by proven leaders in Clinical Research and is a premiere site for cutting edge research. It is SO MUCH MORE!

Rochester Clinical Research has been proudly conducting clinical research studies in Rochester, New York, and the five surrounding counties for over 26 years. We are constantly growing our volunteer database, and have completed over 900 studies. RCR is an industry leader working every day towards medical advancements and changing people’s lives.

Great work/life balance

At RCR we work hard and play hard. Standard hours are 7:30 to 4:30 with a half-day on Friday. EVERY Friday. Providers have the chance to work Part-Time or Full Time and we can create a schedule for their studies accordingly.

Excellent Support

Our company has a large number of tenured pros who have made RCR their home for – in some cases – TWO DECADES! We respect and support our staff and they return the favor with loyalty and hard work – with a good dose of fun sprinkled in! We have been at it for over 26 years and are the standard-bearer for excellence.

Great Income Opportunity

You can make as much or more on staff here at RCR as in any private practice or hospital but without the headaches or risks that go with it.

Shift Gears on your Career!

If you are sick of the grind, sick of your routine, or have always wanted to dig into clinical research, this is the opportunity for you! Train with the best and then work on important studies that can literally save the world.


If you only want to work T & Th from 10-2 we will work with you! If you want a full-time gig – we will work with you! If you want to slide into the experience, starting off slow (1-2 days a week) and add time as you adjust – we want to speak with you!


We have been in business for over 26 years and our reputation speaks for itself. We have MANY employees who have been with us for over 20 years and about half of the staff has been here over 10 years. The remaining staff were hired last year during a growth explosion! Come be a part of that growth!

Bonuses, Benefits & Perks

Beyond the benefit of world class clinicians and specialists to learn from and work alongside, we also offer generous comp plans, profit sharing, work/life balance in the form of (a LOT of) PTO, profit sharing, 401k matching (up to 11%!).