What is a biometric screening?

A biometric screening is a quick procedure performed at a regulated healthcare organization in order to obtain data on your current health level statistics, or biometrics. At RCR, each biometric screening is performed by one of our certified medical professionals and normally takes less than 15 minutes. Through a sample blood droplet, your results are available in minutes.

Each screening consists of an assessment of your biometrics including, but not limited to:

  • Height and weight
  • Body mass index
  • Glucose level
  • Blood pressure
  • HDL/LDL and total cholesterol (lipid profile)
  • Fibroscan

Why should I have a biometric screening?

The data you will receive at your visit will benefit you in multiple ways:

  • By knowing your numbers, you will be able to assess your current level of well-being. By becoming aware of your current biometric indicators, you can begin or continue to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Insurance companies and employers often provide an incentive for individuals to undergo a biometric screening. The data received at your visit can be transferred to your provider to potentially arrange for an insurance discount or rebate. Some companies offer up to $300 annually for employees to undergo a biometric screening. However, it’s best if you check your insurance plan to be sure.
  • Many companies use accumulated biometric screening data to guide corporate wellness programs and work environments. Your information can help create a better work atmosphere for both you and your employer.

What can I expect at my visit?

A standard visit starts with a greeting from one of our administrative staff members. You will then be directed to a room where one of our research assistants will begin your screen. To begin the screen, a blood droplet will be taken from your finger. While a machine gathers the results, your height, weight, and body mass index will be measured. The measurement step lasts no longer than five minutes. After your results are in, our nurse practitioner will sit down with you to discuss any questions you might have about your indicators. If applicable, a copy of your results will be sent to your doctor. We will also ask you if it is okay to retain a copy for future contact.

How much does a biometric screening cost?

At Rochester Clinical Research, we happily provide screenings free of charge to everyone. No Co-pay is required and health insurance or employment is not necessary. We place great importance on the ability to provide the Western New York region with the information they need to lead a well-informed and healthy lifestyle.

What is the next step?

At any time, we are happy to field questions or concerns on biometric screenings. To inquire about scheduling an appointment, please call us at 585-288-0890.

To determine if there is an incentive available for you to undergo a screening, we recommend that you contact your employer or insurer. Your insurance provider may have paperwork relating to their Wellness program that you may need to bring to our office.