RCR: How many/what studies have you participated in?

Roselyn: I’ve done 3-4 over a few years. The last one I remember was a study on a daily injection for Osteoporosis where I ended up being one of the people to get the placebo.

RCR: Why did you initially decide to participate in this study?

Roselyn: I’m a very altruistic person. I believe when I leave this world I will take my body with me, so I’d like to use it to help humanity while I am still here.

RCR: What did you enjoy about the study?

Roselyn: Nothing was difficult, everything was easy from start to finish

RCR: Is there anything that stuck out to you about RCR specifically?

Roselyn: The Nurses were very professional and gentle.

RCR: What would you like to say to people who are hesitant about Clinical Trials?

Roselyn: That they are helping the future. They are helping future generations not have to deal with diseases that we’ve dealt with in the past.