Patient Recruitment

 It all starts with a strong database

Rochester Clinical Research is committed to continually growing our volunteer database — new names, new faces, and new contact information. We are also committed to enhancing the breadth and depth of data we capture. Over the last five years, we have doubled our number of contacts, from 15,000 names to over 32,000. After our staff, our database is our greatest asset. Our recruiters have become extraordinarily effective in adding new names and constantly improving the quality of the data. We look to the database first whenever a partner approaches us about a new trial. Occasionally, we are able to fill a trial entirely from the database. Our three full-time recruiters contact people in the database directly if we see a good fit, but we often send mail and email with the target segment message to larger potential groups. The Rochester Clinical Research database comprises about 60% females and 40% males. Ask us about how many patients we have in your therapeutic area!

Our Recruitment Success Factors

  • Rochester Clinical Research fills trials on schedule. This is our mantra. It requires dedicated recruiters and excellent marketing — all process-driven, thoughtful and disciplined. We leave nothing to chance.
  • Rochester Clinical Research succeeds because of its local ties. We have a strong, widely recognized brand and reputation and a database of over 32,000 regional volunteers who trust us. Many of them have taken part in past trials. We also maintain great relationships with the local media.
  • Rochester Clinical Research writes a marketing plan for every study. Lack of coordination and effort leads to waste and a less than optimal performance. We target, carry-out and measure all marketing and recruitment efforts.

Attractive Regional Demographics

Rochester Clinical Research draws a majority of volunteers from Monroe County, which includes the City of Rochester and two dozen suburbs and villages. We also attract volunteers from the six surrounding counties — Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne and Wyoming. The total population for the seven county area in Dec 2010 Census was 1,156,557 in 459,783 households. That included 949,041 who identified as white, 126,598 black or African American, 67,579 Hispanic or Latino, and 27,361 as Asian.

We Know How to Reach People

Rochester Clinical Research is very effective in reaching members of the regional community, using targeted and mass media, both digital and traditional. Our recruitment is handled completely in-house from graphic design to recruitment phone screening. We are always trying new things and adopting the latest marketing techniques.




Targeted Organic search, Sponsored search, Email marketing, Facebook ads, Yahoo display ads Direct mail, Printed Newsletters and brochures, Patient Referral program, Community Outreach
Mass Media,, Website, SMS marketing, Clinical Trial listing sites Newspaper ads, Community Posters, Magazine ads, Radio Ads, TV Ads, Event Sponsorships

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