Sponsors and CROs continue to recognize our commitment to quality data and excellent environment for clinical research.

“I cannot verbalize enough how much I am enjoying working with you and your staff. The professionalism is outstanding and shows over and over again in the quality of work that is done. Your Study Coordinator is exceptionally well informed of the many different aspects of this particular study. She is very knowledgeable of all the study patients involved and keeps their welfare as the top priority.”

Monitor B.M., Sr. CRA, CRO

“I have thoroughly enjoyed monitoring at RcR, for this study and others. Everyone is so pleasant and professional. Enjoyable monitoring space, and very adequate. My management indicated what a pleasure it is for them to receive your data!”

Monitor D.G., CRA, Pharmaceutical Sponsor

"In a memo to this Monitor’s Senior Management…”The following studies would fit in very well at Rochester Clinical Research in Rochester, NY. The site has extensive experience in obesity and diabetes prevention and diabetes studies. All study coordinators are RNs, including the screening coordinators. The site has very low screen fail rates and produces quality data. They also meet all deadlines, have demonstrated the ability to manage very large studies and have an excellent retention record.”

Monitor D.G., CRA, Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“We really appreciate the dedication and professionalism of your Study Coordinator. She has been excellent to work with and has been instrumental in the smooth progress of this protocol and its accelerated screening rate. She has been very knowledgeable regarding this complex protocol and its numerous inclusion/exclusion criteria.”

Clinical Director Dr. J.C.F., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“Your site worked as a cohesive team unlike any site I have ever been associated with. You met or exceeded every timeline without complaint. Your data was thorough and accurate; screen failures were minimal due to your excellent pre-screening. There is no one at your site who is not outstanding. I hope to work with your site on many future projects.”

Monitor G.H., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“A fabulous setup for monitoring. I especially appreciate the high speed cable computer access and monitor row (separate entrance for monitors to work early, or late if they desire). Your research nurse is great to work with. She is thorough and knowledgeable as well as pleasant!”

Monitor T.D.B., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“Your research nurse did a great job as Coordinator. Always prepared. Hopefully, I can work with her on future studies. She is truly an asset to RcR.”

Monitor L.K., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“I appreciate the work ethic from the site that I have always received. The documentation is clear and concise. Everyone has always been and continues to be very helpful. I have recommended the site for additional studies.”

Monitor M.L., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“Your Research Assistant was an absolute pleasure to work with – an awesome employee! I like the fact that everyone involved in the study stops in to see how things are going during the visit.”

Monitor J.J., Pharmaceutical Sponsor