At Rochester Clinical Research, we are approaching 50 successful vaccine trials. We’re happy to boast a average enrollment  of goal of 113% and average retention rate of 96%. Almost 3,700 volunteers have randomized into a vaccine trials at RCR. From pediatric to elderly, anthrax to pneumococcal, we continue to have success enrolling volunteers of all ages for all therapeutic areas.

<>2014 Vaccine Trials

In 2014, we randomized more than 900 volunteers across 11 trials. We’ve averaged a 106% enrollment of our goal. And our retention rates are on track to deliver the quality data our sponsors have asked of us.

2014 Vaccine Trials: Goal vs. Randomized

 Vaccine Trial History by Age Group

2014 Vaccine Trial Performance Statistics

YearTypeAgeGroupGoalRandomized% of GoalRetention Rate
2014Influenza18 to 49Adult6363100%100%
2014Influenza3 to 17Pediatric302273%100%
2014Norovirus18 to 49Adult5556102%TBD
2014Influenza18 to 40Adult8082103%TBD
2014Meningitis B10 to 19Adolescent2023115%87%
2014Cholera18 to 45Adult100158158%83%
2014Avian Influenza21 to 64Adult4949100%96%
2014Influenza3 to 29Adolescent585595%96%

















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