Start Your Clinical Trial inOnly Two Weeks

Without sacrificing the quality of care or data integrity.

In clinical trials, while speed is crucial, it’s equally vital to prioritize quality, accurate data, efficient recruitment, and optimal resources. At RCR,our proven approachensures we consistently meet or surpass the expectations of our sponsors.


Our clinical trial site is staffed by 80 experienced investigators and research professionals, with over 1,000 trials completed success-fully, ensuring high-quality results

Core Therapeutic Areas:

  • Allergy
  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrine & Metabolism
  • Gastroenterology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Medical Devices
  • Men’s Health Care
  • Neurological
  • Pain
  • Respiratory
  • Smoking Cessation


Since 1994, Rochester Clinical Research has distinguished itself by serving trial sponsors, patients, and our community.


✔️ Quality care, assurance & regulatory

✔️ Speed to start-up & recruitment

✔️ Data integrity and timeliness

✔️ Resources to manage volume

RCR has the clinical bandwidth, advanced technologies, and infrastructure to support clinical trials,

such as diagnostic tools, patient monitoring systems, and secure data management systems for efficient trial operations.


The patient engagement team offers a white glove concierge service that improves patient experience and increases retention


RCR has an extensive Network of Physicians, providers and advocacy groups. Our relationship accelerate recruitment and timelycompletion of goals. We also employ a broad range of marketing and patients recruitment strategies to ensureeffective, efficient subject recruitment and enrollment.

Recruitment Highlights

  • Proven 5-steps recruitment process
  • Patient Database with 55k + loyal volunteers
  • Enrollment success rate of 100% average on vaccine studies
  • Dedicated team of recruiters and marketers
  • Focused recruitment approach based on studied parameters
  • Integrated channel-neutral media campaigns
  • Community outreach  for a hyper-focus on increasing diversity in our recruitment efforts

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What Sponsors Say About Us

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“I cannot verbalize enough how much I am enjoying working with you and your staff. The professionalism is outstanding and shows over and over again in the quality of work that is done. Your Study Coordinator is exceptionally well informed of the many different aspects of this particular study. She is very knowledgeable of all the study patients involved and keeps their welfare as the top priority.”

Monitor B.M., Sr. CRA, CRO

“I have thoroughly enjoyed monitoring at RcR, for this study and others. Everyone is so pleasant and professional. Enjoyable monitoring space, and very adequate. My management indicated what a pleasure it is for them to receive your data!”

Monitor D.G., CRA, Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“Your site worked as a cohesive team unlike any site I have ever been associated with. You met or exceeded every timeline without complaint. Your data was thorough and accurate; screen failures were minimal due to your excellent pre-screening. There is no one at your site who is not outstanding. I hope to work with your site on many future projects.”

Monitor G.H., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“A fabulous setup for monitoring. I especially appreciate the high speed cable computer access and monitor row (separate entrance for monitors to work early, or late if they desire). Your research nurse is great to work with. She is thorough and knowledgeable as well as pleasant!”

Monitor T.D.B., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“Your Research Assistant was an absolute pleasure to work with – an awesome employee! I like the fact that everyone involved in the study stops in to see how things are going during the visit.”

Monitor J.J., Pharmaceutical Sponsor

RCR at a glance

  • Icon: Our Database
    Our Database
    Rochester Clinical Research has 55,000 loyal volunteers and counting. The database is updated daily through our 9 full time recruiters and continuously growing with the help of our full time marketing manager.
  • Icon: Our Facility
    Our Facility
    Rochester Clinical Research is located in a 24,000 square foot facility with 8 dedicated monitor rooms and 32 exam rooms. We have both on-site and off-site secure record storage, with an automatic gas generator backup system for our 7 cold storage units.
  • Icon: Our Clinical Staff
    Our Clinical Staff
    Rochester Clinical Research has 2 full time primary investigators and 10 contractor Primary and Sub Investigators, 2 PA full time Sub Investigators, 16 Research Coordinators, 5 Research Assistants and 4 Lab Technicians.

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