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Since opening in 1994, Rochester Clinical Research has conducted more than 650 clinical trials, with more than 200 partners. We have worked with virtually all institutional review boards, central labs and central patient recruitment vendors. Whatever technology you choose for electronic data capture, interactive voice response, electronic medical records or e-diaries, the chances are we have worked with it before. We have more than 32,000 volunteers in our patient database.

Rochester Clinical Research Managers
Patricia Larrabee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Adam Larrabee, President

Rochester Clinical Research is a preferred clinical research site for so many partners because we know what we’re doing and we do what we say. We are fast, accurate and easygoing. And we never stop improving our performance, processes and systems. With a “culture of quality” our company vision is that of quality care to our patients, quality data to our sponsors, and a quality work environment.

We are centrally located in the middle of a five county area, right off a major highway. This provides easy access for both our volunteer and partners. Our clinical trial partners have found that we fill trials on schedule and retain a very high proportion of volunteers throughout the trials. And that our research discipline and medical care are impeccable.

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