About the study:

It is important that we protect our hearts not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) remain a leading cause of morbidity and mortality globally, emphasizing the critical need for innovative therapeutic interventions. Among the various risk factors contributing to CVD, elevated cholesterol levels, particularly low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), play a pivotal role. In recent years, inclisiran, a novel PCSK9 cholesterol-lowering therapy, has emerged as a promising contender in the pursuit of effective cardiovascular risk management.

This research investigates the efficacy of inclisiran, a PCSK9 cholesterol-lowering therapy, in preventing major adverse cardiovascular events among high-risk patients. With elevated cholesterol levels being a key contributor to cardiovascular diseases, inclisiran presents a promising avenue for targeted intervention. Through rigorous analysis, this study aims to provide critical insights into the potential of inclisiran to redefine preventive cardiovascular care, offering new hope in the battle against cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

If you have never had a stroke or heart attack but you have other cardiac risk factors, including but not limited to coronary atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or are a longstanding tobacco user, you may qualify!  Health insurance is not required nor needed for your participation in this study.


  • Must be between the ages of 40-80 years old
  • Cannot have had a prior cardiovascular event such as heart attack or stroke
  • Cannot already be taking a PCSK9 medication
  • *Please note, other qualifications will apply