About Your Knee Pain

Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA) remains a leading contributor to global disability. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and affects up to 38 million adults in the United States alone. It gradually becomes worse over time, eventually leaving the patient with one option, a knee replacement surgery.

OA of the knee is caused by swelling of the soft tissues and bony structure. It progressively gets worse over time by decreasing the amount of cartilage in in your knee which leads to more pain and deterioration. Eventually you are left only to replace the knee through surgery.

OA is measured by the Kellgren-Lawrence (KL) grading scale, which determines its severity. KL is divided into 5 stages, with Stage 0 equaling to a normal, healthy knee and Stage 4 equaling to severe OA. OA that has become advanced to a Stage 4, is likely to cause significant pain and disrupt joint movement and can currently only be fixed by replacing the knee joint.

About the Study

Rochester Clinical Research is currently enrolling individuals between the ages of 40-85 years old in an osteoarthritis knee study. If you feel that a knee replacement is your only option due to your severe OA, consider joining a research study. The study will evaluate the efficacy in improving knee pain in patients with a KL grading scale of 4. The study drug will be administered as a single injection in the targeted knee. The study will last approximated 24 weeks long with 5 visits to our office and 7 telephone calls.  Compensation is available for time and travel up to $425 for those who qualify.


  • Be between the ages of 40-85 years old
  • Be able to walk (be mobile)
  • Have experienced at least 6 months of knee pain
  • *Please note, other conditions may apply.