About the Study

People 65 of age and older are the fastest growing population globally. Respiratory Tract Infections (RTI’s) are the fourth leading cause of hospitalizations in people 65 years and older and second leading cause of hospitalization in people 85 and older. As people age, a mild upper respiratory infection can become deadly for some.

In the Fall of 2019, Rochester Clinical Research will be conducting a research study for an investigational oral medication that aims to reduce respiratory infections and in turn keeps you healthy longer. The study was recently highlighted in an article called Can a Single Pill Keep You Healthy to 100? We May Soon Find Out in the AARP magazine. To qualify you must be 65+ years old.   To be placed on an interest list, please fill out the “Do you Qualify” questionnaire or call 585-288-0890.

The study will last approximately 1 year with 9 visits to our office. Compensation will be available for time and travel for those who qualify.

More information about this study will be available soon.


  • Over the Age of 65
  • Live in Rochester Year-Round
  • Cannot be a current smoker, or previously smoked within the past year
  • Please note, other conditions may apply.