About The Study:

Osteoarthritis of the knee means that the cartilage in the knee joint is breaking down over time. This causes the bones to rub together very roughly, causing a lot of pain. Some symptoms include pain, stiffness, tenderness, loss of flexibility, grating sensation, swelling, and bone spurs. There currently is no cure for this, but there are treatments. 

At RCR we are currently seeking volunteers between the ages of 21-80 years old to participate in a knee pain study. The study is testing an investigational injection to help with the pain from osteoarthritis. Participants need to have experienced pain for at least 6 months and their pain level needs to be between a 4-9 on a scale up to 10. The study is 12 months long but there is a possible extension for another 6 months. Ten office visits will be required and compensation will be available for your participation. There is no cost for participating in this study and no health insurance is required.


  • Between the ages of 21-80 years old
  • OA of the knee for 6 months plus
  • Willing to discontinue all current pain meds
  • X-ray shows no bone on bone
  • *Please note, that other conditions may apply