About The Study:


Migraines are very severe headaches that usually occur on one side of the head. They can last between 4-72 hours and can be very debilitating and interfere with one’s daily routine. Symptoms can include sensitivity to light and sound, irritability, and also nausea. Migraines are typically brought on by specific triggers for most people. These different triggers can include drinking, stress, hormonal body changes, food, and even exercise. Triggers vary for everyone who suffers from migraines and they don’t always bring on a migraine. Most people try and treat their migraine with medication but that doesn’t always help. Sometimes it’s hard to stop a migraine with medication once it has already started. 

Rochester Clinical Research wants to help advance treatments for people who suffer from episodic migraines. We are conducting a study that is three months long and requires you to come in once a month to receive an injection. RCR is seeking healthy individuals between the ages of 18-65 who get 4-14 migraines a month to participate. This is a phase 4 study and Rochester Clinical research wants to help get this treatment FDA-approved so that people no longer have to let migraines slow down their day. 

Study-related care is available to participants at no cost and health insurance is not required nor needed. Compensation for time and travel is available up to $$$ per office visit to those who qualify.



  • Be between the ages of 18 and 65 years old
  • Suffers from 4-14 migraines a month
  • *Please note, that other conditions apply