About the Study

Influenza, or the Flu, is a common viral infection that attacks the respiratory system. In the US alone there are over 3 million cases yearly. The flu Is contagious and can cause mild to severe illness and even lead to death. Populations such as young children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with chronic disease or weak immune systems are at a higher risk of developing serious flu complications.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of an mRNA vaccine to prevent influenza. The study will last approximately 12 months with 7-8 visits to our office.

There is zero chance of a placebo in this study which means in this study all participants will receive an active vaccine. You will either receive one of 4 different doses of mRNA influenza vaccine (similar technology as the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccine) or an influenza vaccine made with a more traditional protein technology.

Study-related care is available to participants at no cost and health insurance is not required nor needed. Compensation for time and travel is available up to $1000 for those who qualify.


  • Be between the ages 18 and 49 years old
  • Please note, other conditions may apply