About The Study:

 Hypogonadism in males is a condition marked by insufficient testosterone production. This hormone is vital for reproductive health, muscle mass, and bone density. Symptoms include fatigue, reduced libido, and mood changes. Treatment often involves hormone replacement therapy to address these issues. Seeking medical advice is crucial for accurate diagnosis and effective management. 

 The purpose of this research study we are currently enrolling for is to determine if an oral testosterone medication affects adrenal function, over a 12-month period. Health insurance is not required nor needed to participate in this research study.  


  • Males 18-65 years old
  • Prior diagnosis of hypogonadism
  • Must not have a history of panhypopituitarism or multiple endocrine deficiencies whether or not you are on stable doses of thyroid hormone and adrenal replacement hormones.
  • No current or prior history of adrenal insufficiency
  • Are not currently receiving corticosteroids.
  • *Please note, many other qualifications apply