About the Study

Rochester Clinical Research has several coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine studies starting in 2020, and we will need the help of our community of volunteers. With more than 7.5 million confirmed cases worldwide, COVID-19 has already killed more than 420,000. Creating vaccines to protect us from this threat, is a major priority.

There are over 160 COVID-19 vaccines in development. Across all 160, there are about 10 different vaccine approaches. This is promising because as research continues, with many different approaches, it increases the chances of success. And in order to become successful, these vaccines need to undergo clinical trials. These research studies need the help of the community to determine what works. Without volunteers, there is no vaccine. Without a vaccine, the longer we wait until life can go back to normal.

Currently we have several research studies for COVID-19 vaccines that will need participants.

Fill out the “Do You Qualify” question on the right, so a patient recruitment specialist can add you to an interest list for our coronavirus vaccine research studies. Once you have submitted your information, a recruiter will review what study may be best for you. With your help, Rochester could be a part of the development of a potentially life saving vaccine. Thank you for your continued dedication to advancing medicine and changing lives.

Please also visit our FAQ page to learn more about how trials work if this is new for you!

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  • Interested in being apart of a COVID-19 Vaccine trial
  • Over the age of 12 years old
  • Please note, other conditions may apply.