With the FDA announcing authorization for the emergency use of the Pfizer and the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines, many of us are thinking the battle with COVID-19 is over. Although this has made the light at the end of the tunnel closer and brighter, there is still work to be done to overcome COVID-19.

With any vaccine or medical treatment, we always want multiple options. The COVID-19 Vaccine is no different. It is imperative we a have a range of COVID-19 Vaccines in order to get the pandemic under control.

By having a wider range of vaccines, we will be able to vaccinate a wider range of people. This pandemic effects everyone worldwide, young, old, those with and without underlying health conditions. We cannot rely on just one or two vaccines to be effective for everyone in the world who needs one. With multiple vaccines developed, we can specifically target vaccines to certain groups in a more effective manner. For example: an older person with a weakened immune system may respond better to one vaccine than a younger person with a robust immune system. The more COVID-19 Vaccines we have the more confident we are we will find the right vaccine for every person in need of one.

The pandemic effects everyone everywhere, from cities to rural areas, the vaccine needs to be distributed to those who need it. The Pfizer vaccine that was just authorized for emergency use requires being kept frozen at -70C in order to stay viable. This extreme freezing can prove difficult to transport at as well as difficult to store, a vaccine requiring this level of cold storage has not been distributed so widely before. Additionally, the Pfizer vaccine is a two-dose vaccine. The development of a single dose vaccine is crucial to protect those individuals who have a difficult time getting 2 doses. Such as those without access to regular healthcare, transportation, or refugees. Developing multiple effective vaccines that include vaccines that don’t require two doses or cold storage would protect a greater number of the population in need.

The WHO and other health organizations are calling for the production of 2 billion vaccine doses to dose the high-risk populations by the end of 2021 to get the pandemic under control. We cannot rely on just one or two companies to produce such high quantities. With multiple vaccines we would have a better chance of producing such a mass number of doses in a timely manner.

Coming up with an effective COVID-19 Vaccine is not a race, but a worldwide collaborative effort. With each vaccine that is developed we have a greater chance of overcoming the pandemic and protecting one another.

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