Each study varies in the time commitment needed from our volunteers. Rochester Clinical Research offers single visit device studies which may last only one hour, as well as a long term vaccine study that could last up to five years. The time commitment of each study is determined by the protocol which outlines study specific visits and procedures.

For many studies, screening appointments tend to be one of the longest appointment times. They usually average around 2 hours, depending on the study. During that screening appointment, the volunteer will read the informed consent, which outlines all of the study details. Volunteers are encouraged to ask questions about the study, and the study coordinator will make sure that the volunteer fully understands the trial details. If the volunteer would like to continue to participate, a study coordinator will further evaluate if you are a right fit for the study, based on the protocol’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. If it is the right fit, they move forward with the visit procedures that usually require bloodwork, physical and questionnaires.  Depending on the study, you may have a screening period (usually around one month), or you may receive the study drug at your first visit. Follow up visits can vary by length based on what is required at each visit. Typically follow up appointments range from a half hour to one hour in length.

Rochester Clinical Research sees patients from 7:30AM – 4:00PM Monday – Thursday and 7:30 – 11:30AM on Fridays.