On January 15, 2019,  the Seniors Rock Show featured Adam Larrabee, President of RCR. Hosted by Joanna Palvino, she loves to laugh in the face of aging. Her mission is “make getting older a little more fun for everyone.” Adam guest starred on her show because she loves to include experts in aging related services covering many topics. Since medications (and clinical trials) are a large part of aging, who better to talk, than us.

During the radio interview, Adam and Joanna first discuss what a clinical trial is. Medication that needs approval must conduct testing. Medical decisions are tied to medical evidence. The only way to get evidence is testing a medication or vaccine.  Therefore, any medication that is used or on the market is because of research and data collected from a clinical trial. Secondly they discussed how RCR is involved with advancing medicine and changing lives. We partner with the life science industry that have a particular medication or vaccine they hope will better the community. RCR gives expert, unhurried, study related medical care to our research heroes who participate in a study. Lastly,  Adam spoke about the different vaccine and medication research opportunities we have available to those over the age of 50 in 2019.

In conclusion, listen to the radio clip by clicking play below. Adam’s portion of the segment starts around minute 29:43 – 44:55.

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We hope you join our community of research heroes.