Rochester Clinical Research is proud to have worked on the Tirzepatide drug clinical trials over the past few years. We have enrolled over 32 subjects over 2 different studies that have led to the newest findings for this new cutting-edge drug. Study data has been released and shows that it has so far been proven to be effective and safe for patients in reducing their overall BMI over the course of the trial. Rochester Clinical Research continues to conduct more studies with Tirzepatide and other potential weight loss medications.

Per the article on Healio, taking the medication Tirzepatide weekly, has shown an increase in weight loss without even having diabetes. During a 72 week period about participants lost 5% to 20% of their weight compared to placebo. 

A study that was conducted at the American Diabetes Association, showed that in their group of participants, which included 95% prediabetic- that over 1/3 of them ended up losing about 25% of their body weight while on Tirzepatide. 

During the study, researchers were assigning participants with different doses of Tirzepatide such as 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, and the placebo. The study was conducted over a 72 week period and the participants received the dose once a week. During the study researchers found that patients that they gave the 10 mg and 15 mg doses had similar weight loss results. Doctors and researchers say that this is a safe and effective way to lose weight, although it may not work for everyone. 

Tirzepatide is considered a revolutionary new finding when it comes to obesity and weight loss. Rochester Clinical Research wants to work towards getting this drug one step closer to getting approved by the FDA so that it can be available to anyone. We are conducting another study involving Tirzepatide  in the Fall! Call RCR at 585-288-0890 to join our interest list or click the link below.


Weight Loss Study

Rochester Clinical Research is currently seeking volunteers who are 40 years or older to participate in a weight loss study. This paid research study is testing tirzepatide when injected weekly into participants looking to lose weight. The study could last approximately 4-7 years and include around 30 office visits depending on the duration of the study. Compensation is available for your time and participation.

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Ages 40+
Compensation* Could vary depending on how many visits.
Study Topics Weight Loss

*Compensation for time and travel may be available to those who qualify.