WHEC News 10 in Rochester highlights RCR on March 8, 2019. Patricia Larrabee, Founder and CEO, spoke about RCR, and the volunteers who have become Research Heroes in the Rochester Area. Any medication or vaccine that you take, undergoes extensive research. This is not possible without the help of volunteers at a clinical research site. RCR currently offers a dozen different research studies including vaccines, migraine, weight loss studies and more. RCR first opened its doors 25 years ago. Since its opening, RCR has helped drug makers win FDA approval for medications, vaccines and medical products. This includes an Ebola Vaccine that is currently being used to combat an Ebola epidemic in Congo. Other medications include migraine, cholesterol and heart medications, home HIV testing kits and smoking cessation products, among other products and drugs.

To become a Research Hero or learn more information on current study opportunities, be sure to click the “Current Studies” tab above.