Everyone at Rochester Clinical Research celebrated Clinical Trial Day on Monday, May 21st. At RCR, we proudly conduct clinical research studies through our outstanding volunteers from Rochester, New York. The team loves being a part of Clinical Research because they not only are helping improve medicine but make a difference in many peoples’ lives.

Join the cause and volunteer today since volunteering for clinical research trials advances medicine and saves lives.

We offer three easy steps to signing up:

  1. Selecting a trial
  2. Seeing if you qualify for the trial
  3. Registering to begin the process

If you are new to the idea of volunteering for clinical trials, or to Rochester Clinical Research, you will probably want to know more. It’s all here on the website or give us a call at 585-288-0890.

If you have volunteered with us before, thank you for your dedication to tomorrow’s medicine. We hope to see you again soon.