Each year, Rochester Clinical Research hosts a State of the Union address in March for all of the employees. The meeting recaps the year and looks to future plans that align with our mission – to excel in our field by providing quality care for study volunteers, quality data for sponsors and a quality team-oriented workplace. During the State of the Union, RCR divided into four teams. Each team created a different Coat of Arms that best represents RCR’s mission and what we stand for as a company. Traditionally, the Coat of Arms was used to represent a particular family and often reflected its values. Each of the Coat of Arms created represented the strengths and how we want the world to see us (including what we are most proud of everyday).  The 4 official Coat of Arms are now hung above the wall of employee photos. Be sure to take a look at them at your next appointment!

This first crest is “Quals in Omnibus” or quality in everything when translated from Latin. This includes the care that we provide for our volunteers. That we provide them the atmosphere where they feel safe and cared for. The second quality is data. Data is so important in research because it is able to reflect the progress of the study. When we provide quality data, we help the process of getting a drug approved that may save lives. And lastly, we provide quality for our people. Both our volunteers and our employees.

This second crest’s depicts our motto: “Advancing Medicine, Changing Lives.” We do this by providing a team atmosphere every day at work. We support and cheer each other on, knowing that without every team member, we could not do what we do. This changes the lives we work with our volunteers. The second portion of the crest is about Quality – and how we should strive for the best quality in all that we do. From caring for our patients and volunteers, to providing quality data for our sponsors, high quality is something we aim for and successfully do. This changes the lives for our sponsors.  The final portion of this crest is advancing medicine. Each one of us is working to advance medicine so we can in turn change the lives of our volunteers, our community and people all over the world.

The third crest is about Medicinae Progredientes. Which in Latin means Advancing Medicine. Advancing medicine is important for our future and ability to protect our future generations.

The last crest is about Quality. Quality can come in many shapes and sizes. It portrays compassion for our patients. This allows us to help heal and give back to those who may need our help. Quality can also show respect. We respect everyone who we see. An example of this would be the respect we show for our volunteer’s time. Many people who come visit RCR, often say how impressed they are especially in regards to how little they have to wait to see a nurse or doctor. We appreciate each person who takes the time to volunteer to help medical advancements. Lastly, quality is important for knowledge. We learn from those around us and continue to grow in order to reach a higher level of quality.