Front Door
Rochester Clinical Research is proud to have consistently provided the Greater Rochester Area access to clinical research studies since 1994.  With each new clinical research study we take on, we are able to help advance new medical treatments and improve quality of life for our volunteers. We are proud to be currently providing the most migraine study options in the country (when compared to other clinical research sites). This gives our volunteers access to the most research study prevention and treatment medications, devices and therapies for migraines. Which could be better migraine treatment and prevention options than currently available.

Currently Rochester Clinical Research is enrolling volunteers for:

  • Oral Medication used for migraine headaches
  • Natural Nasal Spray used for migraine prevention
  • Oral Medication in the form of a dissolving tablet used for migraine prevention
  • Injected Migraine Medication used for migraine prevention

Rochester Clinical Research is also in the randomization phase of 5 additional migraine studies. Randomization is a step in a clinical trial where the volunteer has received the study drug or placebo and we have completed enrollment for that particular study.

If you suffer from migraines and would like to participate in a migraine research study, be sure to call 585-288-0890 to see if you qualify today for any of our studies!