Dr. Joseph Mann, recipient of 2016 Headache Practitioner of the Year Award, has joined on as part of the Rochester Clinical Research staff.

Rochester, NY– Rochester Clinical Research is proud to announce that Dr. Joseph Mann, a prominent Rochester neurologist, has joined on as part of the staff. Dr. Mann was recently awarded the 2016 Headache Practitioner of the Year Award by the National Headache Society. Dr. Mann is board certified in both neurology and psychiatry and has sub-specialty certification in Headache Medicine.

With this new addition, Rochester Clinical Research will be able to not only continue with its long history of migraine research, but explore new areas of migraine research and other neurological and psychiatric areas such as: ADD, mild depression, mild cognitive impairment, as well as other headache disorders.

“We couldn’t be more proud to have Dr. Joseph Mann as part of the RCR staff. He’s an incredibly gifted neurologist and we’ve always admired the work he does and the relationships that he builds with his patients and colleagues. I look forward to working more closely with him and pursuing new and exciting opportunities” said Adam Larrabee, President of Rochester Clinical Research.

About Rochester Clinical Research

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