ROCHESTER, N.Y. –  Rochester Clinical Research (RCR) announced today that it has been selected for a Coronavirus vaccine research study, scheduled to begin mid-June at RCR pending results of early data.  Due to the current public health threat, much of the scientific community’s attention is focused on the development of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic testing for COVID-19. RCR is encouraging anyone between the ages of 18 and 85 years of age in the Greater Rochester Area to sign up to learn more about these important trials. RCR’s sole mission is to develop life changing medical advancements with the help of our community of research heroes. 

As of April 27th, 2020 there are at least 71 COVID-19 candidate vaccines in development. Five   (5) of these vaccines have already entered clinical trials, and this study would mark the 6th to start. It is expected that many more will proceed in the coming weeks and months. The vaccine development landscape is very promising given the wide range technologies being used.

“Research studies are vital in discovering ways to detect, diagnose and reduce the chances of developing diseases and illnesses,” said Mathew Davis, MD, Principal Investigator at Rochester Clinical Research, “Without the help of volunteers, the clinical research community’s ability to solve problems and find cures for the disease would be nearly impossible.” There is currently no vaccine to protect against this Coronavirus. Vaccine development and immunity testing are key next steps in the fight against COVID-19.

As the world focuses on the current pandemic, there remains a need to continue development of life saving vaccines and treatments for other viruses and diseases. RCR is also actively seeking volunteers to take part in studies of vaccines for Chikungunya, Lyme Disease, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, E. Coli, and RSV. Rochester Clinical Research also has opportunities for people that suffer from Migraines, Knee Pain, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Obesity.  

“We expect a high level of interest from the community to participate in this study,” said Adam Larrabee, President of Rochester Clinical Research. “Please be patient with our Volunteer Recruitment Specialists as they work to respond to everyone’s online submission. 

Those interested in participating in one of RCR’s trials should visit for more information.  Health Care Workers who think their patients might be interested can download this flyer here.  

About the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (and COVID-19 Disease)

SARS-CoV-2 is a new coronavirus identified in late 2019 and belongs to a family of enveloped RNA viruses that include MERS and SARS, both of which caused serious human infections of respiratory system.  The virus, which causes a disease named COVID-19, has never before been found in humans. Since this outbreak was first reported in late-2019, the virus has infected over 3,000,000 people and has caused over 211,000 reported deaths (as of 28 April 2020). It has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).  Currently there is no 

vaccine available for COVID-19.

About Rochester Clinical Research:

Rochester Clinical Research was founded in 1994 with the objective of providing the Greater Rochester area with access to a premier clinical research facility. The goal of the organization is to advance new medical treatments and improve the quality of life for individuals everywhere. Rochester Clinical Research puts great pride in the relationships it has with its sponsors, volunteers, and staff. The organization strives toward advancing new medicines and catching up with diseases before they become a problem.