Visitors to Rochester Clinical Research are surprised to find the walls festooned with hand-made quilts. They add a home-like touch to our space—and something more.

Several staff members enjoy quilting as a hobby, so the walls of our “home-away-from home” seemed a natural place to share the fruits of their efforts. One wall features quilts that are to be donated to fundraisers for worthy causes, such as breast cancer research. Others have sentimental value, like the one made by a staff member’s grandmother to celebrate her granddaughter’s arrival. It was intended for her hope chest, but now provides hope and comfort to our visitors. We also have quilts on loan from the Rochester Quilt Guild—Pieces of Work—and we’re happy to display the works of others.

The very act of making a quilt—or of appreciating one—contains valuable life lessons. It involves connecting different pieces, patching them together to create a unique item that is both beautiful and practical. Quilts are both an expression of creativity and a symbol of comfort and caring. Perhaps that is why we like them so much at RCR.