For Inquiring Physicians

For physicians interested in referring a patient to a clinical study, please find information below on common concerns you might have.

A patient who joins a clinical research study based on a referral from a primary provider should have no reason to leave that practice. Just as a primary provider might recommend a specialist for more targeted care, a research study can offer investigational treatments not available elsewhere. During the study, your patient will receive the necessary medical attention to comply with the study. After study completion, your patient should return to you for regularly scheduled routine care and treatment.

Before the study even begins, your office will be contacted after the patient signs an informed consent and medical records release form. We will also ask you to provide any notes or thoughts you might have on the patient and the condition being targeted. Throughout the study, you will be notified of what stage your patient is at and what treatment they may be receiving. At the conclusion of the study, we will forward on to you any testing results your patient may have received.

It is not as rare as you think that a patient who is being treated successfully still expresses interest in a clinical study. Most likely, your patient discovered new information about a novel new treatment that might be a fit for them. In today’s economy with the rising cost of medications, there may be very practical economic reasons for consideration of a well-run clinical trial that considers one’s health needs and provides some financial relief from medication and laboratory costs. Many people also enjoy clinical research because it is often an opportunity to learn more about their condition through the patient education that is provided during a trial. These benefits can often go far beyond those provided by routine medical care. This situation is a perfect time for you and your patient to review the benefits and risks of a clinical research study.As the primary provider, you and your patient should be in touch from the exploratory stage to the study conclusion.

You can always find information on all of our currently enrolling studies right here on our website. Chances are we have something that fits your patient’s interest. If you do not see something suitable, please contact us to find out what studies we have coming up. As a multi-specialty research site, the types or studies we are enrolling for are always changing so please call us with questions. Physician referrals benefit everyone involved.