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RCR is seeking provider partners, including MDs, PAs, NPs, PharmDs, and PhDs who want to conduct onsite or offsite clinical research.

Partnering with RCR, you have the opportunity to:

  • Provide alternative care options for your patients
  • Change the pace of your day-to-day practice
  • Gain early access to new therapies
  • Generate additional income
  • Discover cutting-edge treatments for your indications


We offer a turnkey solution that allows you to painlessly take on (and have access to) more studies and more patients in existing studies by utilizing RCR’s existing research infrastructure – including but not limited to:

  • Expert Personnel (RNs, RAs, Recruiters, Admin, Regulatory, QA, Lab etc)
  • Established Operations Framework
  • Robust Biopharmaceutical & Device Company Network
  • Custom Trial Data Management System


RCR Clinical is proud to collaborate with a diverse array of local partners, enriching our commitment to advancing clinical research and patient well-being.

The Gastroenterology Group of Rochester and Rochester Clinical Research officially partnered in September 2021. GGR is a group of gastroenterologists who diagnose, treat, and provide follow-up care for a range of gastrointestinal conditions and diseases. GGR is committed to not only treating illness but also helping their patients understand their diagnosis. GGR also performs procedures for both preventive screening and diagnostic testing. Through RCR, GGR can now offer additional treatment options through clinical trials to patients. Learn more about current studies by asking your GGR doctor what may be available for you.

Rochester Colon & Rectal Surgeons (RCRS) and Rochester Clinical Research officially partnered in June 2018. RCRS is a group of surgical specialists committed to caring for people with problems with the intestinal tract. They not only provide the full spectrum of colorectal surgical care but offer services that extend beyond the operating room – including research study opportunities. This will provide an additional care option for their patients, which is important due to the limited treatments available for anorectal problems. Learn more about current studies by asking your RCRS doctor what may be available for you.

Legacy Pediatrics and Rochester Clinical Research officially partnered to advance the field of pediatric medicine in early 2018. Pediatric Research is an important tool in providing the best care for our children and future generations. While research studies that focus on developing new medications for serious pediatric illnesses such as cancer or cystic fibrosis often make headlines, there is a wealth of research quietly happening to look at new and better vaccines and approaches for alleviating common childhood ailments. In the past few years, Rochester Clinical Research has helped Legacy Pediatrics’ Research department on several pediatric studies, including Chlorea vaccine, Flu vaccine, Swine Flu vaccine, Ebola Detection Device, and more. Together, RCR and Legacy Pediatrics create the preferred partnership to give you and your family an additional care option.

Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group and Rochester Clinical Research officially partnered in November 2020. Ridgeview Internal Medicine provides general health care, disease prevention, wellness, immunizations, and work/school/ travel health exams for patients of all ages. Ridgeview Internal Medicine strives to stay on the cutting edge of medicine. Through this partnership Ridgeview, Internal Medicine gives their patients access to additional prevention and treatment options. Learn more about current studies by asking your Ridgeview doctor what may be available for you.

Want to partner with Rochester Clinical Research on a trial? Contact RCR at or call (585)-288-0890.